Thursday, July 7, 2011

Global Warming: Consensus is not fact

Consensus is not Fact. That is well worth repeating.

Global warming and climate change was a segment topic on NPR this morning [6/21/11] It was pointed out that the concensus of many scientific groups is that global warming is occurring. They also seem to agree again by concensus that is it man-made.

Scant attention was paid to other scientists and scientific groups who Do Not Agree that global warming is occurring and that if it is happening, it is man-made.

There is an interesting and behind the scenes fact that should be pointed out here once again. Many scientists earn their livelihoods from various types of grants awarded to this scientific community, among others. In what may be far too many cases, grants are awarded to scientists who study certain topics and agree with the common concensus about certain topics. These scientists then conduct and produce research results that comes to conclusions that agree with the common concensus.

In some circles this is called a daisy chain. Family and faculty variations of this concept is called in-breeding.

Now get this. Scientists who agree with the common concensus and produce research conclusions that agree with the common concensus receive even more grants to study variations of what the decision makers agree is the common concensus.

How is that for a Circle of Truth! This is a reenactment of the Flat Earth consensus that existed before the 1500s during the age of sea-going explorers.

Those who disagree with or do not want to study what is deemed as the common concensus, Do Not Receive These Grants because the concensus makers are the decision makers. Hence, the views and research findings of those who are not in the “Circle” do not see the light of day or peer review. Researchers who agree with the common concensus are enlightened and favored.

Consensus is not fact. Concensus is an agreed upon conclusion by what may be called a deliberative body or authorities and thus, not shown to be a fact.

Gravity is a fact. Religion is a belief and global warming is treated as a religion by its believers.

4 time 4 equals sixteen. That is not the consensus of mathematicians. It is a demonstrable fact that upon which all people agree.

The boiling point of water at standard temperature and pressure is 212 degrees Fahrenheit, 100 degrees centigrade. That is not the consensus of physicists. It is a demonstrable fact that can be replicated over and over.

In the age of exploration of Christopher Columbus, the common concensus was that … the earth is flat. It took a few brave sea-faring adventurers to show that, in fact, the world is round.

Global warming and climate change are not demonstrable facts. They are agreed upon conclusions derived by consensus by suspect research. Further more, it is not agreed upon that global warming can ever be show to be true or false.

The sky is falling.

The global warming and climate change believers, even if they know that they are unable to show this, in fact, that it is happening, still believe that we need to make massive changes to our way of living to protect the earth from total destruction.

Unfortunately, their “religion” is not being followed by most of the nations on earth. So, at this time, most of the burden of “reducing” global warming and climate change falls on the US economy and a few other nations.

This question arises. Are these global warming and climate change activists motivated by scientific or political purposes. Many non-believers suspect that their motives are political, not scientific, and that they relate mostly to the destruction of capitalism and the American Way rather than saving the earth from total destruction. The body of non-believers is growing as much research on global warming and climate change has been shown to be contrived to fit the desired outcome and common concensus … and that is a fact. =TheRightJack

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